Module: auth.thread

ZAP Authenticator in a Python Thread.

New in version 14.1.



class zmq.auth.thread.ThreadAuthenticator(context=None, encoding='utf-8', log=None)

Run ZAP authentication in a background thread


Allow (whitelist) IP address(es).

Connections from addresses not in the whitelist will be rejected.

  • For NULL, all clients from this address will be accepted.
  • For real auth setups, they will be allowed to continue with authentication.

whitelist is mutually exclusive with blacklist.

auth = None
configure_curve(domain='*', location='')

Configure CURVE authentication for a given domain.

CURVE authentication uses a directory that holds all public client certificates, i.e. their public keys.

To cover all domains, use “*”.

You can add and remove certificates in that directory at any time.

To allow all client keys without checking, specify CURVE_ALLOW_ANY for the location.

configure_plain(domain='*', passwords=None)

Configure PLAIN authentication for a given domain.

PLAIN authentication uses a plain-text password file. To cover all domains, use “*”. You can modify the password file at any time; it is reloaded automatically.

context = None

Deny (blacklist) IP address(es).

Addresses not in the blacklist will be allowed to continue with authentication.

Blacklist is mutually exclusive with whitelist.

encoding = None

Is the ZAP thread currently running?

log = None
pipe = None
pipe_endpoint = ''

Start the authentication thread


Stop the authentication thread

thread = None