Working with libzmq DRAFT sockets#

libzmq-4.2 has introduced the concept of unstable DRAFT APIs. As of libzmq-4.2, this includes the CLIENT-SERVER and RADIO-DISH patterns.

Because these APIs are explicitly unstable, pyzmq does not support them by default, and pyzmq binaries (wheels) will not be built with DRAFT API support. However, pyzmq-17 can be built with draft socket support, as long as you compile pyzmq yourself with a special flag.

To install libzmq with draft support:

CPU_COUNT=${CPU_COUNT:-$(python3 -c "import os; print(os.cpu_count())")}

wget${ZMQ_VERSION}/zeromq-${ZMQ_VERSION}.tar.gz -O libzmq.tar.gz
tar -xzf libzmq.tar.gz
cd zeromq-${ZMQ_VERSION}
./configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --enable-drafts
make -j${CPU_COUNT} && make install

And to install pyzmq with draft support:

export ZMQ_DRAFT_API=1
pip install -v --no-binary pyzmq --pre pyzmq

By specifying --no-binary pyzmq, pip knows to not install wheels, and will compile pyzmq from source.

The ZMQ_PREFIX=$PREFIX part is only necessary if libzmq is installed somewhere not on the default search path. If libzmq is installed in /usr/local or similar, only the ZMQ_ENABLE_DRAFTS option is required.

There are examples of the CLIENT-SERVER and RADIO-DISH patterns in the examples/draft directory of the pyzmq repository.